1876 – Present

Blackman United Methodist Church has a long and rich history of ministry in and to the Blackman Community. The original Church building for Blackman Methodists was erected in 1876, and named Brown’s Chapel in recognition of its first pastor, Alanson Brown. Land and materials were provided by Alfred W. Blackman, and from the beginning, the building was used as both a church and a public school.

Several years after its construction, the church was abandoned by the Methodist congregation until 1923, at which time it was put onto the Stones River Circuit. In 1961, C.P. and Pearl McDonald donated a parcel of land on Manson Pike, where a new sanctuary was built, and the worshiping congregation became known as Blackman Methodist Church. Lyle and Jenny Margaret McDonald, and Dennis H. and Frances McDonald continued the family tradition of generosity by donating additional land to Blackman United Methodist Church, and in 1970, Sunday School rooms and other facilities were added to the rear of the church, with exterior space for drives and parking.

Three separate acquisitions of land, contributed by Thomas M. Lane, allowed space for additional parking and a much-needed new sanctuary for the growing congregation. Many members and friends contributed time, materials, and labor. A ground breaking ceremony was held on March 22, 1987, and the new sanctuary was dedicated on the 20th day of September, 1987.

However, like the people of Israel in the Old Testament, Blackman Methodists were not to worship peacefully for very long. When it became apparent that the State of Tennessee had plans for a new highway through the Blackman Community, members once again met to prayerfully consider the future


True to the predictions of faithful Christians, this latest challenge was overcome with courage, conviction, and prayerful determination. On November 22, 1998, Bishop Kenneth L. Carder led members and friends of Blackman United Methodist Church in dedicating a church building free of debt.

We continue to look to the rich and faithful past of Blackman United Methodist Church, as we plan and build for God’s vision of the Kingdom here in this community. With God as our witness, we rededicate our lives to Christian usefulness for the purposes of our Lord, and in brotherly love and gratitude for such abundant blessings.

Blessed as we are with such a rich heritage from the past, Blackman Methodists are ready for the present and future challenge of mission and ministry in a rapidly growing community, confident that the same God who prompted Alanson Brown, Alfred W. Blackman, C.P. and Pearl McDonald, Thomas M. Lane, Lyle and Jenny Margaret McDonald, and Dennis H. and Frances McDonald will continue to bless our desire and willingness to create a warm and welcoming Christian community that is dedicated to the glory of God in the Blackman Community.