The Witness Team helps allow people to share their faith in word and deed – how we share our experience of the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ.  Paragraph 252c of the Book of Discipline says, “The witness ministries of the church shall give attention to developing and strengthening evangelistic efforts of sharing of personal and congregational stories of Christian experience, faith, and service; communications; Lay Servant Ministries; and other means that give expressions of witness for Jesus Christ.”

We do this through subcommittees in Worship, Hospitality, Communications, Heritage and History, Safe Sanctuaries, Class Leaders/Lay Ministers/Speakers, and even a Sign Ministry for the church sign in the front yard.  Our Worship Team assists the Pastor in planning worship, selecting music for worship, providing a sanctuary that is equipped and decorated in a way conducive to meaningful worship, etc.  Our Safe Sanctuaries Team has recently developed, approved, and is in the process of implementing a policy to protect all vulnerable people in our church community